Mixed Martial Arts

Tonight was interesting at Urban Jungle. We started out with straight boxing. I had several partners, one of whom is getting ready to fight in the cage. I think we did 3 rounds per partner. After boxing we went on to grappling. Since my partner was also getting ready to fight in the cage I was allowed to slap to simulate a more realistic fighting situation.

After class I noticed I was somewhat lite headed. I not sure what the technical term is but I think it was endorphins kicking in. I still feel it. Nice!

Update: I slept extremely well. It was a slightly odd feeling, starting to wonder if I pushed too hard.

I've started designing websites while at University of Houston during my first Photoshop 3.1 experience in 1996 on a Macintosh computer. I built my own computers (Windows PCs) with the help of a friend and have been digitally involved ever since. I am both Windows and PC literate but gravitate toward OSX. I've gradually gotten back to my roots as a tactile artist / designer by working more with traditional mediums like drawing, painting, and mixed media.

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