Client:Wastren Advantage
Date:February 27, 2013

Wastren Website Design

Wastren, as far as design/ web design projects go, was prob­a­bly my best suc­cess. We rethought the entire brand and even designed a brand Hand­book which they uti­lize to keep a con­sis­tent look and feel across all media. The web­site design was a reflec­tion of the brand. Plain and sim­ple and it works. I lever­aged some jQuery image tran­si­tion scripts to add effects to the home­page. But over­all the site is just sim­ple clean code and nice design. Very hap­py with this piece.

About the author

Dwayne Casey I’ve start­ed design­ing web­sites while at Uni­ver­si­ty of Hous­ton dur­ing my first Pho­to­shop 3.1 expe­ri­ence in 1996 on a Mac­in­tosh com­put­er. I built my own com­put­ers (Win­dows PCs) with the help of a friend and have been dig­i­tal­ly involved ever since. I am both Win­dows and PC lit­er­ate but grav­i­tate toward OSX. I’ve grad­u­al­ly got­ten back to my roots as a tac­tile artist / design­er by work­ing more with tra­di­tion­al medi­ums like draw­ing, paint­ing, and mixed media.