Web Design Tip — Setting div height with CSS

I have run into a few issues using the height attribute to set the height of div con­tain­ers in recent past projects. While this worked quite well with sta­tic text that was not slated to change. It has become a prob­lem if that text gets an update. For example: Now, I have a good ru
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Web design trends

As a for­mer flash enthu­si­ast I have to say it kind of makes me sad. I still think the user expe­ri­ence was bet­ter in some cases. Take for exam­ple the fel­lows at 2advanced. They set the bar very high for any web designer. While they still appear to be doing plenty of flash work,
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web hosting review

I’ve got a new friend whom is hav­ing some prob­lems with his com­pany site’s online uptime, as well as deal­ing with mas­sive email issues. After look­ing over the sit­u­a­tion, I gath­ered that there have been some domain reg­is­trar level issues. 1st, it looks like he may have chan
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