Web Design Tip – Setting div height with CSS

I have run into a few issues using the height attribute to set the height of div containers in recent past projects. While this worked quite well with static text that was not slated to change. It has become a problem if that text gets an update. For example: Now, I have a good rule o
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Web design trends

As a former flash enthusiast I have to say it kind of makes me sad. I still think the user experience was better in some cases. Take for example the fellows at 2advanced. They set the bar very high for any web designer. While they still appear to be doing plenty of flash work, and gre
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web hosting review

I’ve got a new friend whom is having some problems with his company site’s online uptime, as well as dealing with massive email issues. After looking over the situation, I gathered that there have been some domain registrar level issues. 1st, it looks like he may have chan
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