Best web host, Why I dont like Godaddy Hosting

I’m work­ing on a client site for SSD at the moment and try­ing to install a Word­Press blog. When using Cpanel with Fan­tas­tico with my pre­ferred web host its not a prob­lem at all. With­out Fan­tas­tico its still pretty easy using The Word­Press 5 minute install, since all you hav
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web hosting review

I’ve got a new friend whom is hav­ing some prob­lems with his com­pany site’s online uptime, as well as deal­ing with mas­sive email issues. After look­ing over the sit­u­a­tion, I gath­ered that there have been some domain reg­is­trar level issues. 1st, it looks like he may have chan
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Reducing Inodes

I was look­ing through my Cpanel recently and noticed that my backup sta­tus shows that my files “would not” be backed up.   Whats that all about? Well it appears my inode usage has gone above the 100,000 file usage range.    Whats that mean?  In a nut shell, any file asso­ci­ated wit
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