Painting Class

I am sched­uled to start some paint­ing classes soon with an Absract artist named Don Localio.    It should be fun.   He will be teach­ing at my Friend Juan’s Art Gallery  / Frame shop on Yale in Hou­ton, Texas.   I plan on post­ing the results here.   I will prob­a­bly start using Ac
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Painting exploration

I started on a process to cre­ate a look and feel for my wife’s media.   So, I am on a path explor­ing  abstract ideas includ­ing whimisi­cal things like , but­ter­flys, pais­leys and peace signs.  Not sure I would call a cross whim­si­cal how­ever that  was another request.  Over­tim
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Houston Artist produces digital paintings

I call myself an artist, so I have to put the pen on the paper, right?   So,  I’ve been putting the elec­tronic draw­ing pad to work.  Here are a few of the items I have been work­ing on as of late.   Most are color stud­ies and con­cept development. Tree – Test­ing light But­ter­fly
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