Web Design Tip Part 2

The last post I made about web­site designs tips was refer­ring to the ini­tial things needed before start­ing a web­site.  Domain names, Web­site Host­ing , and Con­tent. To be sure, many already have that taken care of.  How­ever many peo­ple want to under­stand the basics before mo
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Houston Artist produces digital paintings

I call myself an artist, so I have to put the pen on the paper, right?   So,  I’ve been putting the elec­tronic draw­ing pad to work.  Here are a few of the items I have been work­ing on as of late.   Most are color stud­ies and con­cept development. Tree – Test­ing light But­ter­fly
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Graphic Designer In Houston Texas

Announce­ment of a new graphic design blog. After receiv­ing great search results for the term  (pretty good any­how)” Hous­ton Graphic Design” uti­liz­ing a flash page, no less.  I decided to cre­ate a blog to com­ple­ment my port­fo­lio site. I will prob­a­bly have a broad scope of
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