Houston Artist produces digital paintings

I call myself an artist, so I have to put the pen on the paper, right?   So,  I’ve been putting the electronic drawing pad to work.  Here are a few of the items I have been working on as of late.   Most are color studies and concept development.

Tree – Testing light

<p>Tree light study - Houston Art - painting</p>

Tree light study – Houston Art – painting

Butterfly  – A work in progress for my wife Kristal


The Face – Coming up with some concepts for album art.

Houston Artist Illustrator - The face

Houston Artist Illustrator – The face

Green Abstract Painting –  Originally set up using a fairly low dpi setting.  I plan on working in larger DPI settings from here on as I would like to eventually have these items printed first on large format mounted on foam board,  after ward I may go in to using textured paper and archive quality.


Abstract painting – Houston Artist

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