Hiding Your other layers in Photoshop

Looking to hide all but one layer in Photoshop?     I was about to start hiding numerous layers by single clicking them when I the thought occurred to me that there might be a keyboard shortcut available. The method is simple:   Use the  > alt <  button while clicking the  eye i
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The New Christian Tshirt design was a hit

We sold several hundred of the new christian Tshirts at the 2013 Southern Nazarene district assembly.     The shirt proceeds are going to be used to benefit  Essential Ministries Outreach program so I can say I am very happy with the results.
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New T-Shirt Design

Im starting a new Tshirt Design to submit to the Nazarene District church, or something to that effect. Turns out someone liked the design for the startup church from a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed doing that project since it was an oversized printing process where the entire
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