Hiding Your other layers in Photoshop

Looking to hide all but one layer in Photoshop?     I was about to start hiding numerous layers by single clicking them when I the thought occurred to me that there might be a keyboard shortcut available.

The method is simple:   Use the  > alt <  button while clicking the  eye icon of the layer you want to be visible.

The result:   All other layers will dis-appear.

To Undo this (Command/CNTRL  Z wont work)  DO the same thing – >  alt click the eye icon of the  same layer.   All your layers should re-appear.

I hope this Photoshop tip helps you in any of your graphic design endeavors.


I've started designing websites while at University of Houston during my first Photoshop 3.1 experience in 1996 on a Macintosh computer. I built my own computers (Windows PCs) with the help of a friend and have been digitally involved ever since. I am both Windows and PC literate but gravitate toward OSX. I've gradually gotten back to my roots as a tactile artist / designer by working more with traditional mediums like drawing, painting, and mixed media.

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