SEO Path

I’ve been focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) coding for about 3 years now. And as far as coding goes I have gotten tons better. Utilizing php to make my job easier has been a major step in the way I do production. Graphic design is still a consideration however being th
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TNT luoma’s HTML Codes

Just Posting this very useful post from I just has a thought, what if it went down. Anyhow since I am citing the original source should be no problem eh? A listing of HTML4 Character Entities Code Name Displays As: 	 Horizontal tab non-printing 
 Line fee
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Contract Graphic Design Houston

I provide contract graphic design in Houston area and beyond (no Problem)   My latest work has involved creating an entire identity system.  This includes logo exploration and revision,  Color research and scheme creation.  With these in place I am now moving on to the main identity t
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