WordPress Tip — Finding your DB name

I was look­ing through my Cpan­el recent­ly to find a DB name for a par­tic­u­lar blog. I have installed sev­er­al blogs and there are many oth­er MySql nec­es­sary sites / Data­bas­es.   So when going into MyPh­pAd­min to do any type of work, one real­ly should be sure of the DB
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Web Design Tip of the month — 1st steps

I often get requests for infor­ma­tion about set­ting up a new web­site. Many times the inquir­er has come  to the point where they are ready to start site  devel­op­ment and they just have some gen­er­al ques­tions about what they will need.    They  have a g
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Mac vs PC Hardware for graphic and web design

I was  just answer­ing a post  for a fel­low about what type of hard­ware he might be pur­chas­ing in the near future.    I feel I have a very  good tech­ni­cal per­spec­tive on the sub­ject since I have used both plat­forms as a pow­er user  and  st
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