WordPress Tip – Finding your DB name

I was looking through my Cpanel recently to find a DB name for a particular blog. I have installed several blogs and there are many other MySql necessary sites / Databases.   So when going into MyPhpAdmin to do any type of work, one really should be sure of the DB you need to work on.
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Web Design Tip of the month – 1st steps

I often get requests for information about setting up a new website. Many times the inquirer has come  to the point where they are ready to start site  development and they just have some general questions about what they will need.    They  have a great product – service –
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Mac vs PC Hardware for graphic and web design

I was  just answering a post  for a fellow about what type of hardware he might be purchasing in the near future.    I feel I have a very  good technical perspective on the subject since I have used both platforms as a power user  and  still utilize both. The Quick Answer To get to th
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