WordPress Tip – Finding your DB name

I was looking through my Cpanel recently to find a DB name for a particular blog. I have installed several blogs and there are many other MySql necessary sites / Databases.   So when going into MyPhpAdmin to do any type of work, one really should be sure of the DB you need to work on.   How do you find it?

For Word press and many other types of php scripts you can look for the Config php file. Inside of your working directory where WordPress is installed for example you will want to find the file named:


open this file:

look for the line of code that looks similar to this :

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘*******’);

‘*******’ What ever is in between the ‘ ‘ marks is your Database name.   Usually this format: username_DBname Where DB name is what you will see in PHPmyAdmin. You can then do your modification – change passwords , etc..

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