WordPress Tip — Finding your DB name

I was look­ing through my Cpan­el recent­ly to find a DB name for a par­tic­u­lar blog. I have installed sev­er­al blogs and there are many oth­er MySql nec­es­sary sites / Data­bas­es.   So when going into MyPh­pAd­min to do any type of work, one real­ly should be sure of the DB you need to work on.   How do you find it?

For Word press and many oth­er types of php scripts you can look for the Con­fig php file. Inside of your work­ing direc­to­ry where Word­Press is installed for exam­ple you will want to find the file named:


open this file:

look for the line of code that looks sim­i­lar to this :

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘*******’);

*******’ What ever is in between the ’ ’ marks is your Data­base name.   Usu­al­ly this for­mat: username_DBname Where DB name is what you will see in PHP­myAd­min. You can then do your mod­i­fi­ca­tion — change pass­words , etc..

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