How to change the excerpt link on homepage.

OK.  Jut had a request increase the post length of posts on the home page.   I at one time needed to limit the length of  of the post on Homepage.    I managed that.  This was similar.  Found a resource here that had several options.  The on ehtat worked for me was this: Find the func
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WordPress Tip – Finding your DB name

I was looking through my Cpanel recently to find a DB name for a particular blog. I have installed several blogs and there are many other MySql necessary sites / Databases.   So when going into MyPhpAdmin to do any type of work, one really should be sure of the DB you need to work on.
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Web Design Tip Part 2

The last post I made about website designs tips was referring to the initial things needed before starting a website.  Domain names, Website Hosting , and Content. To be sure, many already have that taken care of.  However many people want to understand the basics before moving on. Th
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