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Its been awhile since I have produced much in the realm of true graphic design.  Lately I have been doing much SEO work.  But I digress.  Taking a company  from having  no visual identity to having a complete identity solution can be quite a feat.   In fact the last time I did this.  The project took the better part of a year.   I learned quite a bit about the time requirements involved and can base future project estimations a bit more appropriately.

The company for whom I produced the graphic design Houston TX,  but also have offices around the country.  They are  environmental remediation  specialist whom were working on the Houston Expansion of the Rail system among other things .  At the time they were using self printed business cards that were not quite suiting them.  They needed a better visual identity to help them look more professional and stand out among their competition.

My wife and I teamed up to create a solutions for them that included  online and offline media.   This encompassed Trade Show visuals,   logo concept and design, brochures, pocket folders, stationary, photography, website design and a brand handbook.   It was probably the most complete project I ever worked on and it has been a success.   The entire campaign is very uniform, modern,  and  basically made them very happy.   I feel great about it too.  To be honest I could keep working on the project endlessly creating new solutions.   The brand guidebook allows that they will have a design system now if they choose to utilize another designer.   The parameters are there so that a design concept can be duplicated effectively.

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