How to set up the visual rich editor in wordpress

I often have to set up blogs or use Word Press as a CMS .  I have some preferential settings I like to use.   One of them is to have the buttons for text editing available like using BOLD Underlined Text or Italicizing text. I started writing these tutorials so that I would have a qui
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How to limit post length on your homepage

I just needed to set this up for myself so why not write a brief tutorial so I will remember. I originally found this at here I am repeating this information since I often have to do the same thing on other blogs for clients and such and to further explain some points I messed up on v
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Hardware – Stuff used for graphic design, web development, and multimedia

I often wonder what others are utilizing to create their works in the way of hardware. Software is pretty much the same across the board i think for most in the way of basic graphic design. I mean, for page layout there is Indesign and Quark, right? I mean, why would anyone use anythi
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