New Christian Tshirt design
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Abstract Art - Mixed Media - Man
industrial glue, acrylics , Charcoal, graphite, spray paint ,- 36 x 36
Abstract Art - Green
Mixed Media - 18 x 24 - Acrylics - Ink - spray paint
Insurance Website Design
I designe this for one of the insurance agencies I worked for from 2004 - 2008
Digital Abstract
My first abstract was digital. I'm still hooked on green. Possibly because its the accent color for my liviing room...
Church Website Design
Living Word Church commisioned me to design their overall Identity. I setup their color scheme, visual theme, logo design, and then applied it to various items including the website and printed materials.
Vehicle Wrap
Celebrate life church has been a great opportunity to excercise some uncharted design areas including large format / vehicle wraps
Healthcare Graphic Design
I created this pocket folder for J&D diagnostic in Houston / Katy for their network of back pain physicians
Digital Art
Generated with Wacom drawing tablet and Photoshop
Sell Sheet Graphic Design
Double sided sales sheets for a Wellness company

Webmaster Tips for the Non Web Developer

By Dwayne Casey

If you are a non web developer that wants to get some tips on improving your website, then some of these pro tips could assist you. To help out in the process there is also a link to get a great professional photo editor (photoshop) for free. Check out this article on Webmaster Tips >>

Houston Graphic Design

I've done quite alot of print graphic design work for clients and employers in the general Houston Area . My Projects have ranged from vehicle wraps, trade show graphics, brand handbooks, logo design, apparel and more.

learn more about my houston graphic design projects >>

Houston Webmaster

Webmastering seems to capitalize a decent amount of my time these days. I can spend all day preparing sites for optimal search results. This involves alot of code cleanup and and HTML / PHP coding but can vary. Im always looking to find the most optimized way to do things that will deliver results.

Learn more about my Houston webmaster work >>

Houston Artist Abstract Works

I've been working at my painting and conceptual skills training with a well versed abstract / architect Houston artist. From Argentina, Gaston has proven to be a great source of ideas and instruction. Its been a great experience and I now have art for my home!

Houston Web Design

As a Houston web design veteran, I get to design web sites for all types of businesses and people. I do my best to create results that are tailored to the clients needs visually, while also focusing on technical aspects that deserve considerations such as CMS integrations, menus systems, traffic metrics, Pay Per Click...

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My Pursuits...

  • The Web

    I have a deep appreciation for the web. I can help companies improve their web presence with my skillset which includes graphic design, web programming, web mastering, domain registration. All kinds of web related things really.
  • Art

    I love art. I always have. I started drawing things at quite an early age. It became a way of communication and expression. I would render what I saw and embellish with ideas. I now pursue abstract ideas exploring and developing that voice.
  • Music

    As a musician I originally developed as a bass guitarist, playing in several bands: An experimental trio with Hernan Tasies and Ilya Koloz, then Arthur Yoria, and finally I recorded and toured shortly with Blue October (Universal Motown). I now experiment with sound by writing heavy industrial pop in solitude when available.
  • Martial Arts

    I've practiced and studied - Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu earning a Brown Belt. This included in earlier years Muay Thai. In general I've studied MMA for 12 years... Wow time can fly...