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Most of my current work has been focused on SEO setup.   While I still do  consider graphic design an important part of what I do, the main focus is to drive more traffic.   I like to utilize art and good design principles to produce better work.  Design comes into play still because although much of the production work I do involves adding information or elements to existing web site designs.   I still use design integrity to make these elements look pleasing to the eye and in theme with what is already in place.

How does this affect this blog?   I am still considering that. I think though that I may perhaps consider posting any futre tips on both SEO and design.

SO 1st graphic / SEO tip .  Use CSS (external styles) to style elements as much as possible instead of using images for text.   Otherwise the relevant information may not get spidered, and therefore indexed.   Which is to say it may not rank / show up in the search engine results…..  Using text and CSS will also be lighter in file size typically.   😎

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