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Most of my cur­rent work has been focused on SEO setup.   While I still do  con­sider graphic design an impor­tant part of what I do, the main focus is to drive more traf­fic.   I like to uti­lize art and good design prin­ci­ples to pro­duce bet­ter work.  Design comes into play still because although much of the pro­duc­tion work I do involves adding infor­ma­tion or ele­ments to exist­ing web site designs.   I still use design integrity to make these ele­ments look pleas­ing to the eye and in theme with what is already in place.

How does this affect this blog?   I am still con­sid­er­ing that. I think though that I may per­haps con­sider post­ing any futre tips on both SEO and design.

SO 1st graphic / SEO tip .  Use CSS (exter­nal styles) to style ele­ments as much as pos­si­ble instead of using images for text.   Oth­er­wise the rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion may not get spi­dered, and there­fore indexed.   Which is to say it may not rank / show up in the search engine results…..  Using text and CSS will also be lighter in file size typically.   😎

About the author

 Whats Up? I’ve started design­ing web­sites while at Uni­ver­sity of Hous­ton dur­ing my first Pho­to­shop 3.1 expe­ri­ence in 1996 on a Mac­in­tosh com­puter. I built my own com­put­ers (Win­dows PCs) with the help of a friend and have been dig­i­tally involved ever since. I am both Win­dows and PC lit­er­ate but grav­i­tate toward OSX. I’ve grad­u­ally got­ten back to my roots as a tac­tile artist / designer by work­ing more with tra­di­tional medi­ums like draw­ing, paint­ing, and mixed media.

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