Date:December 02, 2012

Oil pastel

My mini Homage to Dali… I have enjoyed Sal­vador Dalis works quite a bit through­out my ear­li­er years. Per­haps it was because I felt like I could relate to that type of visu­al mes­sage. While I still appre­ci­ate Dali, I have grown to enjoy oth­er types of work, which at the moment is heav­i­ly lean­ing toward abstract work.

About the author

Dwayne Casey I’ve start­ed design­ing web­sites while at Uni­ver­si­ty of Hous­ton dur­ing my first Pho­to­shop 3.1 expe­ri­ence in 1996 on a Mac­in­tosh com­put­er. I built my own com­put­ers (Win­dows PCs) with the help of a friend and have been dig­i­tal­ly involved ever since. I am both Win­dows and PC lit­er­ate but grav­i­tate toward OSX. I’ve grad­u­al­ly got­ten back to my roots as a tac­tile artist / design­er by work­ing more with tra­di­tion­al medi­ums like draw­ing, paint­ing, and mixed media.