Logo Design

I often get approached for logo design projects. My approach is to keep the logo design simple.   A logo is in essence a symbol or icon to represent the idea of an entity.

As the designer it is often a challenge to create a symbol or icon that will portray a brand idea.    One of my most recent projects  involves the use of a diamond.   At first I wasn’t so sure that a diamond would make sense for the companies ideals and mission.   But after consideration and research it became apparent that the diamond did convey the ideas that the company was after.    The challenge then became to explore the way the diamond could be stylized and applied with a complimentary  font choice.   I came to a number of good possible choices.

Keeping it simple usually means that the design looks good in black, so it is often Flat.

I like to keep it simple for several good reasons.   First of all a logo will often have a number of practical uses.   Companies or brands will have a multitude of media that they can apply their logos onto including:   Printed and digital banners,  clothing,  signage,  stationary, folders, stickers.  the list is endless.   A simple logo can be translated onto more media efficiently.   If it already works as a one color concept, then it “should” translate easily to other mediums effetively.  In contrast a busy logo design runs the possibility of being hard to adapt to a variety of media.  I am sure it is possible to use a complex logo, but it may be harder to implement, possibly much more difficult.  Time is valuable for both the designer and the client.

Your logo project deserves the best possible solution.   Think about what your organization does and consider how it might translate visually.   Any concepts you may come up with can be explored to some degree.


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