Contract Graphic Design Houston

I pro­vide con­tract graphic design in Hous­ton area and beyond (no Prob­lem)   My lat­est work has involved cre­at­ing an entire iden­tity sys­tem.  This includes logo explo­ration and revi­sion,  Color research and scheme cre­ation.  With these in place I am now mov­ing on to the ma
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WordPress Tip — Finding your DB name

I was look­ing through my Cpanel recently to find a DB name for a par­tic­u­lar blog. I have installed sev­eral blogs and there are many other MySql nec­es­sary sites / Data­bases.   So when going into MyPh­pAd­min to do any type of work, one really should be sure of the DB you need t
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