Coming Along

I think Im about six classes into the abstract experience.   In general,  I think Im “getting it”.    We tend to use literal things for reference and then proceed to abstract them.  We have also used the technique of  staring at a picture for about a minute and then using
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Painting Class

I am scheduled to start some painting classes soon with an Absract artist named Don Localio.    It should be fun.   He will be teaching at my Friend Juan’s Art Gallery  / Frame shop on Yale in Houton, Texas.   I plan on posting the results here.   I will probably start using Acr
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The Complexities And Wonders Of 3D Animation

Animation is defined as the rapid display of a sequence of images in order to create an illusion of movement. There are several techniques used in animation, namely traditional animation, stop motion animation, and computer animation. Nowadays, computer animation seems to be the wa

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